TikTok- As a unique blend of platform

TikTok- As a unique blend of platform

The second most commonly used app among youngsters is TikTok. Its main aim is to target the young generation to maintain its popularity. The most rated downloads of this app occurred in July 2020.

When the tension among some of the countries along the border arises, it results in banning of TikTok. Many countries including India and China banned TikTok at their own decision. The tensions that emerges due to communication gaps and bad decisions proves to be fatal for this app.

The Trump administration also ordered to ban TikTok from America.

-How it works

It is a compulsion for TikTok users that their video should be running in between 3-60 seconds. The video completes a loop during this time and then ended by itself. Almost, the whole screen is covered up by the video that is being made or uploaded by the user.

The user can also edit the video according to his own taste. He can use photos, emojis and different filters to add more spice. This app also allows the user to customize and combine different videos through it.

This app also contains different sound effects. The bottom of the screen contains the whole information regarding sounds. This sound is actually the audio that accompanies the video that is being captured by the user. The saund can either be customized by the user or it can also be taken from the library of TikTok. The library contains both kind of sounds; as of professional singers and of the common people as well.

When someone opens the app, a TikTok video starts to play and then there comes the list of latest videos being played on TikTok. Basically, this is the user’s page which is referred by TikTok itself. The purpose is to recommend latest trends being followed on TikTok. Users needs to swipe up the video to see the next video. In order to see the account of that person who uploaded the video, the user needs to swipe right.

-How it compares

One can easily check about the uniqueness of TikTok from all other available platforms by comparing it with rest of the others. Like Facebook, TikTok is also promoting latest trends and using hashtags for upcomings. Like Twitter, TikTok is also consuming a newsfeed to enhance its usage. Like YouTube, TikTok is also depending completely on videos regarding different topics and top trends.

Like Snapchat, TikTok can only be produced on mobile phones. It is a good point because it favours all the youngsters who are more comfortable in using smart phones fluently. Like Netflix, TikTok also works according to its own recommendations and not on the recommendations of followers or friends.

TikTok is the only app around the whole word which comprises all these characteristics in a combine way. While observing keenly, one can came to know that this app is the combination and a fine blended mixture of all other apps.

-Different cost and benefits

TikTok is also about the costs and benefits. Taking in detail about the discussion of “cost”, it can openly be said that this app is designed for smart phones. Hence, it is easy for some users to get access to it however it becomes harder for the others.

TikTok encourages all the videos made in any angle. This app is not specific about making videos in horizontal or in vertical angle. One can feel free to place the camera anywhere. So the users find it as a friendly app in a sense that wherever or whenever the persons feels the requirement of making any video, he just can.

While about its “benefits”, the recommendation algorithm is the major reason which proves this app as a beneficial app. It clearly means that due to this system, everyone will be able to get views on their videos even if it is about their first ever TikTok video. Unlike Twitter, where one might tweet several times in order to get “likes” because of the importance of followers over there in determining what people actually see.

Overall, TikTok is the source of providing a very unique, latest and a trendy platform to the younger generation. It is very helpful for the youngsters who feels themselves as being ignored or being cut-off from adult world.


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