The inappropriate game your kids have probably played

The inappropriate game your kids have probably played

As the sudden increase in the use of smart phones, it can clearly be seen that there is a drastic rise in the use of all sort of mobile apps. Almost all of these apps tends to be frequently and vastly used by young audience. The youngsters feel free to use all the facilities of a smart phone and they took full advantage of its storage as well.

With the easy access of apps, it becomes difficult for parents to reach out for their kids. The lot of parents became worried that they are not able to see what their kids are searching, reading or playing on their smart phones on the name of games.

Among many other apps, “Episode-Choose Your Story”, is also the one. It is a free game with more than 50 million downloads. It got five million weekly users as well which means that it is running successfully across the world.

This game is at a stake because of its inappropriate themes. Parents complained about this several times but all in vain. Such apps are creating a huge chaos among kids as well as youngsters and because of these apps, parenting became very difficult and tricky.

Basically, the stories in this game are divided into different episodes and the user can involve in the storylines. The users are also allowed to create their own stories. The user can choose to influence different things. For example; the appearance of a character, their dialogues or their reactions to the events.

However, most of the storylines in this game focuses on relationships and romance which tends to be an alarming situation for all those parents out there. A bunch of parents did voice messages on social media and tries to raise their voice against this game but nothing worked.

-How this online game engages your child

This game even features the storylines about underage sex, sexual discriminations and pregnancy. Many of the episodes also launch adultery. They are promoting unethical and unusual acts through this game which are not acceptable in terms of parents.

There might be several inspections regarding this app which raises a lot of issues regarding this game having no ethical values, no terms and conditions and no sense of shame.

In the beginning, it is only allowed for the kids between the age of 13-17 to write the storylines. But, as the app proceeds further and crossed 12 million creators, all these content regulations vanished.

Another major and alarming aspect of the same game is that in this game, the users have to pay a heavy amount to make ethically and morally strong and right decisions. However, unethical and illegal choices are free of cost. This creates a very inappropriate environment among people and the users as well. Some players are still paying this huge and heavy amounts of money just for the sake of morality but it can do nothing.

-Things parents can do

Some people gives their view points regarding this problem. They have predicted that in order to avoid such situations among parents and kids; all the parents need to establish a written and a verbal contract with their child before handing them over their smart phones. According to this group of people, it can solve the issue because no kid has enough courage and right to break that contract.

By nature, kids are afraid of rules and regulations naturally. So many people believed on this solution. They believed that this can be helpful that before giving any gadget specially smart phone to kids, a contract must be signed between parents and kids that reminds the kids to stay in their limits.

Parents should also warn their kids that in case of any miss commitment in the agreement, the kids must be punished so that they can learn a good lesson.

The contract or the agreement should contain all the guidelines regarding the usage of smart phone. These guidelines should contain these points that for how long kids are allowed to use their gadgets. There should also be a rule related to the download of anything that kids are not allowed to download anything without the permission of their parents.


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