The Best Way to Overcome the Sluggishness of the Smartphone.


According to a survey report, there are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, and that’s a huge number. Which puts the smartphone makers on the list of the richest companies in the world.

Smartphone users are aware that their phone will not last long and as soon as new models come on the market. Their old phones will become so slow that they will eventually have to buy new ones.

In this article, we will give you some tips that will not slow down your smartphone and it will start to perform better than before.

Keep The Phone’s Home Screen Clean:

All the apps that appear on the home screen of the phone use the phone’s memory in some way, and this is the biggest reason why the phone is slow. So try not to have unnecessary apps on the home screen. So that the performance of the phone can be improved.

Turn Off Auto-Sync:

Almost all mobile phones have an Auto Sync function, which syncs your photos, videos, phone numbers, etc. with Google or iCloud on the Internet. Stop syncing unnecessary data in Auto Sync, and use it only when needed. This will improve the performance of the phone.

Clear Phone Cache Memory:

Whatever app you use on the phone, close it properly when in use. Otherwise, the app will remain in the phone’s cache. Periodically clearing the phone’s cache improves the phone’s performance.

Keep The Phone Up To Date:

Update your phone’s operating system with each update. The new update further improves the phone’s operating system, and fixes flaws in it, and even improves the phone’s performance.

Chrome Data Saver Mode:

This new function in Google’s browser Chrome helps to run heavy websites and large videos with speed. Using it speeds up the loading of phone websites etc.

Video Games:

Video game apps on smartphones make a lot of use of phone recourses and slow down the speed of the phone. If you have such games installed on your phone, deleting them will improve the overall performance of the phone. Despite being part of the mid-range segment, the P40 Lite shares some features with some of the brand’s more powerful models. Among them is its large 6.4-inch frameless screen with Full HD + resolution and up to 6 GB of RAM. Multiple photography systems with four rear sensors, one of the 48 megapixels, the other of 8, and a pair of 2 MP cameras, are also missing. Battery Saver Mode

Battery Saver Mode:

If the battery saver mode is on your phone, the phone may still slow down. Fully charge your phone’s battery and turn off battery saver mode. So that the performance of the phone can be improved. Without a doubt, the P30 Pro stands for its amazing photography system, which is still competing with the latest models on the market today. It consists of four cameras. One of them is incorporated into a 40-megapixel, telescope-type “telephoto” sensor, which has a hybrid zoom of up to 10x. There are a wide-angle camera and a “two F” lens.

Factory Reset:

If your phone is slow despite following all of the above instructions, then factory reset the phone after backing up the phone data, your problem will be solved.

Huawei P Smart +

It’s nothing, that the first model of this series currently became the best-selling mobile phone in Spain in 2018. The terminals of the Huawei P Smart Series combine a very interesting technical part, which is a modern design and low cost.

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