The Best-Selling Iphone 2020 Pro Screen Protector


Protecting your iPhone 11 Pro is the most important thing. Because it looks good with every day wear and tear, and if you choose to sell or trade it later, it will retain its value. We’ve competed for the best screen protectors to make it easier for you.

What Is A Screen Protector?

The screen protector is a sheet of clear plastic, which you adhere to your smartphone screen. The plastic is cut to fit the buttons and speaker holes as well as the exact shape of your device. That’s why you buy different screen protectors for different devices. This helps protect the screens from scratches and unnecessary damage to your phone.

You’ll find protectors in many contents including

  • Tempered glass – offers decent protection against impact as well as scratches.
  • PET plastic. Usually covers basic scratch protection.
  • TPU plastic – only scratch protection.
  • Multi-layered screen protector – very durable and can withstand valuable trauma.

We’ve listed the best here. So you can prevent scratches and cracks on your iPhone screen before it occurs.

iSOUL 11Pro Screen Protector:

  • The screen protector for ISOUL iPhone 11 Pro has precise laser cut tempered glass.
  • It has brilliantly polished and rounded edges with real HD clarity and touch screen accuracy.
  • It is made of genuine ultra-clear tempered glass surface hardness 0.26H with the world’s thinnest 9 mm thickness.
  • Protect the screen from dust, scratches, and blows by coating the glass shield on the screen. Featuring even greater protection from a high drop.
  • These screen protectors are supported by the iSOUL Lifetime Warranty Program.
  • This screen protector is specially designed. Therefore it covers the maximum area of ​​the flat screen surface with great stability.
  • This is one of the best products for your phone, which is priced at 3.45 XNUMX at a very convenient price.

Buy iSOUL £ 3.45:

  • Vibe HD iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protector
  • This screen protector comes with 0.33 mm ultra-thickness and 9 H hardness and is capable enough to protect your phone from damages.
  • Supports the best quality HD Super AMOLED, and protects your retina. Also easily removes sweat, oil, and fingerprint stains.
  • This tempered glass adds more features, it can be self-installed.
  • Crystal clear and supports 3D touch.
  • Another advantage of this is that it comes in a pack of four.
  • Buy Vibe HD Screen Protector for 4.99.

JETech Privacy Phone 11Pro Screen Protector:

  • The screen is visible only to those who are directly in front of the screen. It therefore effectively protects your privacy.
  • It is made of premium ultra-thin (0.33 mm) tempered glass.
  • Resists scratch up to 9H.
  • Due to the open edge design, it is dust-free, fingerprint-free, bubble-free, and case-friendly.
  • Buy JTEC (USA) $ 9.99 * Buy JTEC (UK) £ 8.05 *

Super Slim Max Boost Screen Protector:

  • Max Boost Screen Protector is the world’s thinnest (100mm) tempered glass screen protector for iPhone0.25Pro 11 touch and is compatible with 3D touch.
  • Protects your screen from scratches, and can also absorb impact.
  • The Max Boost Glass Screen Protector completely covers the iPhone’s latest display and is case-friendly due to the open edge design.
  • The glass protects from fingerprints, sweat, and oil residue, and covers your phone screen all day.
  • Buy from Amazon (USA) $ 11.95 * Buy from Amazon (UK) .9.63 XNUMX *

Torres Diamond Hard iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protector:

  • This iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protector Glass temp glass undergoes an ion-exchange tempering process, which provides scratch resistance up to 5x and protects the entire phone screen efficiently and from impact.
  • This tempered glass features an easy-to-use auto-alignment installation kit for a stress-free application. A customized scraper helps remove bubbles.
  • Buy Torres (USA). 19.99 * Buy Torres (UK) 11.99 *

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