Nokia N95 8 GB Smartphone, General Features, User Manual


In past years smartphones looked completely different. The unique appearance and various “tricks” made the device recognizable. Nokia and its N95 8 GB device stand out exclusively, which device is worth about a decade ago.


Among the competitors, Nokia’s smartphones mainly appeared. The Finnish company worked on every little thing so that the device would be recognizable and noteworthy. This feature also affected the updated N95. Strict outline and external elements that attract attention.

Screen Protection:

The model has a slider like its predecessor. The front of the smartphone is made of glossy plastic. The previous material is the same, but already with a soft-touch coating. Unfortunately, fingerprints are present on the device. Especially on the front panel. The manufacturer took care of screen protection. Glass is mounted on the display to avoid minor scratches.

Volume Control:

The front of the device was equipped with speakers, front end, display, and controls. Since the screen does not touch, the front buttons of the device are responsible for all actions. The device has two speakers, which are located on the side panels. Volume control, player start, and shutter buttons, on the left, is the charging jack and infrared port.

Flash Device:

In the back of the main camera and flash device. The smartphone is broken, as indicated by the presence of a cover on the rear panel. Below are the battery and card slot. The manufacturer refused the flash drive, as the updated N95 has more than 8 GB of memory. The bottom end has become a haven for 3.5 connectors, USB jacks, and microphones.

Compared to modern devices, the N95 is 8GB smaller. However, despite the small dimensions, the model turned out to be thick. Even a small device weighs as much as 128 grams. Construction quality will be pleasing, but there are minor cracks. The device is available in black color. The manufacturer adheres to standard colors and rarely conducts experiments with them.


The Nokia N95 8GB screen is slightly larger than its predecessor. The diagonal of the device is 2.8 inches. The smaller display received a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. The user will find a “cube” on the screen of his device. Pixels are especially visible in icons and text. This display is capable of displaying 16 million colors. In general, the screen 2007 is not bad for the device.

Nokia N95 is installed in an 8 GB TFT matrix. The technology is performing well, but it doesn’t work well in the sun. Despite the excellent margin of brightness, the screen fades into bright light. At lame and viewing angles the user will experience slight distortion of the image.


Like almost all of Nokia’s smartphones, the model is equipped with Carl Zeiss optics with an aperture of f / 2.8. The matrix of the updated N95 is 5 megapixels. The pictures are quite decent, the phone can easily replace a simple soapbox. For everyday tasks, the camera is enough, but you shouldn’t rely too much on it.

Without extra work, too, could not. The smartphone’s camera is able to eliminate red eyes in pictures. There is also simple autofocus. Lots of ways to shoot. In addition to automatic, user portrait, close-up, sports, and landscape are also available. There’s also a night mode, but it lacks the quality of the icon’s opacity and sophistication.

Package Bundle:

The set includes instructions, Nokia N95 8GB, headset, charger, and USB. Options are familiar with Symbian devices. There will be no desire to get rid of the standard headset because the headphones are as high quality as the rest of the sets. The user will probably need a case to protect the plastic case from damage and fingerprints.

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