Nokia 6300, Specifications and Reviews on Mobile Phones


Finnish company Nokia was once the market leader in phones and smartphones. Probably everyone remembers these models, which had a highly progressive design, a large number of functions, and much more reliable. With the advent of touch screen smartphones running Android OS, Nokia’s products began to fade into the background. This is due to the poor choice of direction and poor development with high prices, but they still remember and appreciate the previous strength of the company. Today I would like to “ponostalgize” a bit and consider the Nokia 6300 model, which was already being developed in early 2007.

Physical Appearance:

All phones and smartphones of the Finnish company were manufactured in strict forms. The Nokia 6300 phone was no exception. Its appearance features are standard and easily recognizable. At the time of release, however, the farms were modern with the inherent “Nokie” conflict.

Looking up at the lid, you can see the large square payload of the digital camera with a 2-megapixel sensor. The purpose of all shapes and design decisions is strict. For this reason, the phone gives the impression of a model for business people from the beginning.

Side Buttons And Connectors:

On the right edge of the phone is the volume control key in the form of a “rocker”. It lets you control the sound in applications and when talking on the phone. The upper end is equipped with a power button only. In order not to accidentally click on it, it is torn in the body. There are no connectors and buttons on the left edge. As far as the bottom, the manufacturer has included everything here. A hole for connecting the charger, a jack to connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable. It is worth noting, that the cut does not go to the last element.


As an output information tool, this phone uses QVGA DPL with a TVT matrix. Its outline is 2 inches. As far as screen colors are concerned, there are 16 million. The icon looks very bright and juicy. Agree, this feature of the Nokia 6300 phone was very much offered at the time of release, and each one was striving for such parameters. When looking at the image at an angle, it becomes slightly faint and dazzling. But you believe, that under sunlight, everything will look very well.


Compared to other models of this period, the menu has not changed at all. Used Nokia 6300 firmware received a minor platform update in another service pack. By choosing one of the four display options, you can make the phone more diverse.

The Nokia 6300 is set up immediately after purchase. Because most people buy a new phone with a starter pack. Therefore the consultant enters all the necessary data for internet access. Furthermore, all the procedures of changing the appearance, displaying the main menu, etc. are performed by the user himself.

Multimedia Features:

Well, we’ve got the multimedia capabilities of the Nokia 6300 phone. Internal memory features are clearly disappointing. Because 7.8 MB can only accommodate some images or some audio recordings. But the standard comes with a 128 MB micro SD card. By today’s standards, it is very small.

Standard Communication:

Naturally, the Nokia 6300 telephone network is standard work in the GSM / EDGE (900/1800/1900 ؛ 850/1800/1900) network. At that time Bluetooth 2.0 and EDGE (EGPRS) Class 10 features were very good. In addition, “blue teeth” include the addition of pairing devices, which greatly facilitates the transfer of data.

Synchronization with the computer is done using the cable and special software. The firmware has been updated using FOTA technology.

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