Nokia 3720 Classic Phone Overview, Description, Features, and Reviews.


The Nokia 3720, which became the subject of our review today, was developed by a Finnish company in response to a budget solution released by a well-known company like Samsung. But even Nokia experts did not expect that the South Korean manufacturer would have to jump on the bandwagon. Which was present in the field of equipment safety at that time. More specifically, Samsung has abandoned the IP54 standard in favor of IP57. At the same time, the Finnish manufacturer is developing its own device to compete with the Samsung M110 model. But in practice, it turned out that the B2100 Explorer appeared in the role of a real adversary. And for Finns, it was a surprise.

Dual Manufacturers:

The reader should know, that the market for mobile devices which belong to the safety class, was really very small. It never happened, that it had a very large (and even larger) model. It is logical to assume that in this, therefore, the field between the key players, an extremely difficult battle is unfolding. As soon as a new device appears, it should be replaced by someone who is forced to remove the enemy from his position.


The Nokia 3720 Classic, priced at six thousand rubles at the start of the sale, was introduced to a wide audience as a youth solution. People involved in extreme sports should appreciate the phone, especially according to the Finnish maker’s plan.

Differences from the Predecessor:

There are some similarities between the subject of our review as well as the Nokia 5500 Sport. That is why, the last device is usually called the prototype or predecessor of the Nokia 3720, the reviews of which you can read at the end of this article. Nevertheless, the 5500 model had a full list of additional functions, which we reviewed were cut into this device. We can say that since the device called “Nokia 3720” entered the international arena of mobile devices, since then the company’s secure class C40 platform was a model developed on the working principle.

Why Some Special Functions Have Disappeared

These included, anyway, satellite maps with navigation on the same element. The result of all this internal turmoil (otherwise it is impossible for a Finnish manufacturer to apply such a concept) was to offer equipment at a lower price. However, who will pay more than the extra money, and in return get a phone with less functionality? Buyers are unlikely to make such a decision. Whether this is the case when the device is sold in the market equal to the price of the functional bar. Then it is really possible to say, that in this case the ratio of “price-quality” is met in the ideal variation.

Preliminary result:

The Nokia 3720 was the classic Finnish manufacturer’s first device, equipped with incomplete functionality, but it claimed to have won a large number of hearts. We can say, that this model laid the foundation of the food agreement since the project does not have great potential in the followers of this tool. Yes, it is possible to say that there was a certain level of protection. But the Finnish manufacturer, for some reason, almost stopped there, without taking any steps to improve the technology tree. Strange, but things should be called by their proper names.


However, in such terms, the “3720 Classic” model became a good competitor to the devices currently offered by the South Korean company “Samsung”. In general, the direction and vector of the process were determined, and that was the most important at the time. Note that the topic of our today’s review is for those who are looking for a well-secured phone to buy. Equipped with good exposure and at the same time can be sold at the lowest price.

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