Low-Cost Phones with Modern Features, a Gift of 2020 to Consumers from Various Mobile Companies


Whenever we go to the market to buy a mobile. So our first effort is to get a phone that fits our budget and features such as camera, memory, and screen, sound quality is all excellent. Often the phones we like are going out of our budget, and the smartphones that cost less. Their features also have some shortcomings. Today we will tell you about four such phones, the price of which will be within your reach and all the features will be the same as in an expensive phone.


Huawei smartphones are always introduced in the market with the best features. These high-performance phones have every modern feature. Huawei is a mobile company that has phones of all kinds. Huawei has recently introduced a smartphone called the Y6S. Looking at the features of the phone, its price is very low.

The back camera of the phone is 13 megapixels. While the selfie camera is 8 megapixels, which is great at this price. The size of the phone’s display screen is 09.6 inches, which can easily show clear images. Speaking of phone memory, then the internal storage of the phone is 64 GB. While the RAM is 3 GB. The battery power of the phone is 3,020 mAh, which can give you a day of comfort after a full charge.

Samsung Galaxy A10s:

Samsung, the world’s leading smartphone maker, has also introduced a similar phone for its customers, which is low in price and has great features. This phone of twenty thousand has been introduced in the market under the name of Samsung Galaxy A10S.

The phone’s screen has a 6.2-inch HD display, let’s talk about the phone’s battery power. So that’s 4,000 mAh, which is a powerful battery. The phone has 3 cameras in total. There are a 13-megapixel and a 2-megapixel camera on the back. The phone has an 8-megapixel selfie camera. Now let’s talk of memory. The internal storage of the Samsung Galaxy A10S is 32 GB.


The Oppo A5S is also one of those phones, which are the best quality low priced phones. Speaking of phone features, the Oppo A5S has a 6.2-inch screen. The battery power of the phone is 4,230, which is perfect for long-term use. Also, the phone has 32 and 64 GB internal memory. The phone’s selfie camera is 8 megapixels. While the number of main cameras is two, which are 13 and 2 megapixels. Not only are this, but the features of this phone also excellent. It is also a very attractive looking phone in terms of design.

Vivo Y11:

The price of Vivo Y11 is also lower according to the features contained in it. This phone is fitted with an extremely powerful battery, which has a power of 5,000 mAh. The phone also has two rear cameras, which are 13 and 2 megapixels. The phone’s selfie camera is 8 megapixels. The display of the phone is 6.35 inches.

The Vivo Y11 is the most expensive of all, due to the phone’s large screen and powerful battery.

Galaxy A80:

The price of this Samsung Galaxy phone is quite high. However, its features are also great. The screen size of the phone is 7.6 inches, while the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 is installed in this smartphone. Speaking of cameras, the phone has 3 rear cameras. The Samsung Galaxy A80 has 3 selfie cameras, which include excellent sensors. The internal memory of the phone is 128 GB. Talk of battery, so the phone’s battery power is 3700 mAh.


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