How do I get an app on my smartphone or tablet? (Apple iOS)

How do I get an app on my smartphone or tablet? (Apple iOS)

Many useful apps are already installed on a smartphone or tablet when they are purchased . But what if you want to use news, weather, or navigation apps that aren’t on your device yet? There are now the little helpers for almost all situations. The following article explains step by step how to install an app.

Install apps on Android or iOS

Different operating systems are used depending on which device is used. This also applies to tablets. There are two operating systems that have caught on in the market: Android and iOS. Android can be found on most smartphones. The manufacturer Apple uses iOS. You should know which device your own device has, because the installation of apps works differently depending on the operating system.

The store: a supermarket for apps

To install a new app you need a “store”. This is an app that is installed on every device from the start and is part of the basic equipment. The store is like a kind of virtual supermarket, only that instead of food or other goods, there is a huge selection of apps. Whether everyday organization, photography or cooking – there are apps for almost all purposes. This store is called the “Play Store” on Android and “App Store” on iOS.

Is it safe to load an app?

If apps are installed from the “Play Store” or “App Store”, it is ensured that they have been checked. Apps from the “App Store” are virus-free , as Apple checks all apps in advance. If they weren’t virus-free, Apple wouldn’t even offer them. The “Google Play Store” provides protection through “Google Play Protect”. This is a proprietary virus scanner from Google. If the app offered there is virus-free, before installing it, under the image of the app, it says “Verified by Google Play Protect”. If a virus is detected during the installation process, you will be informed whether you want to cancel the installation.

Install paid apps on iOS devices

Where can I find the installed app on the iOS device?

With iOS, the newly installed app can be found on the start screen of the smartphone. The app may not be on the first page of the screen. To switch between the screen pages, swipe your finger to the right or left. It can be opened with a click on the app.

Advice from the consumer advice center: How do I find a good app? How do I protect myself?

Only use the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download apps. This reduces the risk of infecting the smartphone or tablet with malicious software.
Read descriptions and user reviews of an app to get a first impression. If there are many bad reviews, it is better to look twice before installing.
Do not provide any account details in the stores and instead use prepaid cards.

Restrict – if possible – authorizations for accessing your data and only allow access to data that appear necessary for the service and whose use is understandable. If in doubt, it is better not to use the app.

Always switch off the location function if you do not need it.

So that third-party services can no longer be billed to the cell phone bill, you should have your cell phone provider set up a third-party lock. Setup is free.

Keep your apps up to date with updates so that security gaps are closed.


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