Android Apps That Are Essential For You


It’s the perfection of technology that the world is in your hands. Lives in your pocket, just need to pull it out and manipulate it. A scholar will be at your fingertips. Smartphones have taken away many things from our lives. Today, this is your watch, your basic computer, your entertainment equipment, and your calendar. But you should know, how everyday tasks and information can be done better through a smartphone.

We do this through apps. Google’s basic apps come free with Android phones, but Facebook, Twitter, and other apps are also commonly used. But which apps should Asians users have on their smartphones? Let us guide you in this.

Holy Books:

There are many applications for reciting and listening to the Holy Book. Most of them use the Arabic script, which is difficult for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent to read. Here the subconscious letter is used for the Holy Book, for which this application works very well. This includes the Urdu translation of the Holy Book.

Religious Pro:

This is the world’s leading Religious Android app. It contains the complete Holy Book, along with recitation and translation, while there are also very important and important Qibla-like and Islamic Hijri calendars. Information about the nearest mosques and halal restaurants can also be found in the same app while traveling abroad. In addition to daily prayers, reminders on prayer times, there is a lot in this app. In other words, we can call it the most complete app in every way, which is also free and its professional version is also available for a price.


The largest collection of Urdu literature has been collected by “Rekhta”. Probably no institution had ever done so much before. “Rekhta” based in India has a complete diwan of all the major and important Urdu poets in Hindi and Roman script besides Urdu, and it is also available in the form of an Android app. Its biggest feature is, that you keep your finger on any word. Its Urdu and English meanings will also be in front of you.

Urdu Dictionary:

The time has come that people are no longer as anxious to understand English words as they are to Urdu. That’s why “Urdu Dictionary” is an essential Android app, which has a vocabulary of more than one lakh words. It has meanings as well as synonyms and antonyms, pronunciation and pronunciation, idioms and sayings, word history, and much more.

Tune In To The Radio:

There was a time when radio was an important part of human life, but now the modern age has come. And the good news is that the radio has changed a lot. “Tune in Radio” is a living app that meets all the requirements of modern times, which has brought together radio stations not only in your city or country but all over the world. Then there is the benefit of having a program that runs out of time. So tune in to them, chances are they’ll find the program too and you can listen to it easily in your spare time. By the way, modern smartphones no longer have the facility of FM radio.

Uber / Careem:

If you are fed up with the arbitrary fares and stubbornness of taxi and rickshaw drivers, then this facility is for you. Available in many major cities of Asia, these two companies actually do ridesharing. The app installed on your mobile connects you to the nearest existing driver via a map, and you can travel with it by choosing your destination. These apps have reached heights in Asia due to their cheap travel, excellent vehicles, well-mannered staff, and excellent service.

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