All About Screen Time

Screen Time

In today’s media-saturated society, parents are more concerned towards the timings of their kids for using different gadgets. It can clearly be seen that kids are spending a lot of time on screen. They just got very busy with latest technologies and its trends.

Recently, the issue of managing that screen time is hovering over every parent’s mind. Specifically, when kids are on summer vacations, parents usually complains for their extra screen time as the kids enjoy their vacations by spending more and more time on gadgets.

-From where screen time comes from

The term “screen time” is introduced in 1999 when an American Academy asked the parents to avoid all the gadgets like tablet, computer, smart phone and television. The academy elaborated that the children under two should not be allowed to have any kind of screen time.

However, science supports screen time recommendations with some limitations in accordance to the academic world. Basically, science depends on lab experiments and on those experiments that can be seen and felt through human brain. But, it is also a matter of fact that all the lab-based studies do not help in the complexities of real life. Moreover, according to science, the screen time studies develops connections but with a lot of well-being issues.

For example; research shows that there is a serious connection between screen time and obesity among children. It can also be related to the fact that kids who are not physically active and spend more time infront of screens are most likely to be obese and lazy. So, it is not appropriate to say that screen time causes obesity.

-What should parents do?

Above all, it is the most difficult phase for parents to control the activities of their kids. Firstly, the parents should be more focused on the context, content and connections related to media instead of getting worried on how to stop their kids from doing screen time. Somehow, for the time being, it is not possible to stop kids from using social media and other gadgets.

Secondly, the parents should gain the confidence of their kids in asking some real questions that shows their concern towards the well-being of their children. Some of the people are of the view that parents must allow their kids for media use independently. Parents must consider some questions in their minds. They should observe that whether their children are leading a healthy, prosperous, socially engaged and are doing well in routine life as well as in school?

If the answer is yes, then there is no need of imposing such strict restrictions on them regarding the use of technology.

But, if the answer is generally no, it is still not better to rush towards the conclusions and their consequences. At that stage, it is better to have some good conversation with the kids, on a lighter note. Parents should consult their kids regarding this problem. They should ask from them that what they are doing in their screen time and what should be the rules for screen time. this gives confidence to the kids to talk their heart out.

Finally, parents should keep it in mind that there is no other relation much stronger than the relationship between parents and kids. It is a very supportive relation that requires a lot of efforts, hard work and meaningful conversations to keep it well and alive.

With the help of a trustworthy and healthy relation among parents and kids, even the negative points can easily be converted into positive ones. Mutual understanding between a kid and parents can turn the tables upside down. By using this technique of positivity, one can easily let their children learn about positive experiences of life.

In the light of positivity, it can clearly be seen that if you care enough to be worried about digital media, different apps and screen time, you are probably already doing enough to protect your kids from such kind of issues. These issues can be handled properly on time. Otherwise, if you were not concerned earlier regarding this issue, you clearly got no right to be worried about this later.

If you already gave your kids enough space to use social media apps freely, then leave them at their own. Because it is not their fault anymore, it is yours.


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